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Reports on the employment situation of immigrant women in Europe

The research is built on nationally available and accessible statistics and other data sources with a starting point in labour market data and educational data and then adding a wide range of supplementary sources such as target group interviews and focus groups with professionals with contact to the target group.



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Comparative report

on the employment situation of immigrant women in Europe

The aim of this report is to provide an overall, yet nuanced and detailed picture of the labour and living conditions for immigrant women in Europe. Furthermore, the aim is to list good practice examples of national projects and efforts aimed at improving the employment rate among the immigrant women.


This online platform was developed in the context of Intellectual Output 3 – Digital Competence Tools and it is comprised by an e-learning environment to support the qualifying effect of the jobpackages. The platform contains the six modules identified already in IO2 and various activities that come to complement the session plans of the Jobpackage Concept (IO2).


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