Are you looking for a better job?

Do you want to improve your job-related skills?

We are creating a Jobpackage for your needs and competences

The Jobpackage will be a comprehensive programme of upgrading and qualifying training activities that each of the women can perform, which may include and combine nutrition trainings, voluntary participation e-learning and online-based language learning and more. The basic idea behind the jobpackage concept is, however, to help immigrant women to gain the main job-related skills and basic competences that may in the long run be the most efficient way to employment. The jobpackage is an individual programme for each woman in the project.

What else?

Our Jobpackage concept includes also:

The creation of cross-sectoral Jobpackage Councils: we want to establish the Jobpackage Councils in which the Council members from an equal platform act as an advisory and facilitating board, yet also an action board, where the members are able and ready to provide their usual services, for instance establishing internships, additional law based training elements, help for psychological coaching, access to treatment of back problems etc.

The development of a Jobpackage Assessment Tool which makes us able to conduct a proper and long-term analysis of the effects of the jobpackage activities. One central element of the assessment tool will be a self-evaluation module, where the women on a weekly basis make their own assessment reports in form of a simple scoring in an online-based, possibly app-based, questionnaire.