Social Skills – Magenta


Conflict Resolution


Presentation from the trainer, debate, discussion, gamification (group dynamic)

  1. The methodology used at the beginning of the session was to start with a small discussion among participants, presenting them some of the questions proposed in the booklet regarding conflict resolution. This worked well as an ice breaker of the session and capturing the attention of the participants, as they had a very dynamic debate and they shared with the rest examples of conflict situations they faced in both personal and professional ways, and how they dealt with them and the lessons learnt on that conflict experiences. This methodology of discussion/debate between the participants was combined successfully during the session with a presentation from the trainer about how to behave when we are dealing with a conflict, and how to deal with conflicts during a job situation. Regarding this topic, the participants shared very interesting examples on conflicts they faced when working in a new cultural environment once they arrived to Spain.

Other methodology that worked very well was the “orange dynamic” that we did in the last part of the session, and we successfully adapt to the online format. The participants were divided in groups in the Zoom meeting, the trainer gave the instructions to each of the group separately and they had some time to discuss the strategy between each group. Then we continued the dynamic all together. The result was very successful, as participants agree very quickly through dialogue, without any kind of conflict. All of them enjoyed a lot the dynamic as they did not know it from before, and they agreed part of the success was related to all the previous content seen before during the whole session, and the fact that they already knew each other from before, so the fact of feeling in a safe environment was also helpful for them.

Feedback from participant(s) or trainer:

What’s the most important thing you have learned during the workshop?

As a trainer I have learned that the creation of a safe space from the very beginning even if the training is happening online it is very important, as it will be very helpful for the correct implementation of the sessions and the success of the discussions and dynamics between participants, that will be much more enriching once participants feel comfortable with each other. Also in this specific session I have learned that when you are doing a group dynamic, the results will always be very different to your expectations, even though you have done that dynamic before with different groups. In this case the participants resolved the dynamic so quick, that is something you always need to have into account in order to manage correctly the time and flow of the session.