Employability Skills – Magenta 2


“Setting professional Goals”


Presentation from the trainer, dynamic “Draw your professional path”.

The methods used in this session were a combination of a small theoretical presentation from the trainer and a group dynamic. The fact that the session took place just after the one related to “Job suitable for me” make it a perfect add value to the previous topic. We decided to keep the presentation from the trainer short and focused on the activity “Draw your professional path” in order to give the floor to participants. As we did it online, the trainer gave the participants the time they needed to think, reflect and draw, and one of the participants even shared some music through the zoom meeting, that the other participants found helpful for the reflection and creative time while drawing. Then each participant shared their drawing with the others and explained with passion their personal and professional path and their career goal. It was one of the most successful activities we did during the whole training, participants appreciate that they had enough time for the preparation and presentation of their drawings and experiences, and they loved to listen the stories of the others.

    Feedback from participant(s) or trainer:

    What’s the most important thing you have learned during the workshop?

    As a trainer this session made me realised once again how important is to leave enough time to participants when it comes to an activity in which they have to reflect and present something personal. Once you create a safe environment and you gave them the time they need without any rush it is very rewarding all the sharing experiences from their side either personal or professional. From their side, participants love the creative part of the activity Draw your professional path, they value the personal reflection they had to make as they said usually we do not invest any time in reflection and it is useful and helpful and they also enjoy a lot listening to the others stories.