Employability Skills – Magenta 1


“Job suitable for me”


Presentation from the trainer, discussion, oral exercises.

In the session we combine the methodology of theoretical presentation of some concepts through a Power Point presentation, with oral exercises that boost also the discussion among participants. During the presentation from the trainer it was a very useful information the part related to National Catalogue of Professional Qualifications, as the trainer had into account the professions of the participants and it was a new knowledge for them about Spanish job regulations. On the other hand, as we had to adapt to the online version we changed the handouts to be filled by the participants, for oral exercises that ended up as a small discussion between them. This sharing experience between participants, about which are the ideal jobs for them according their new situation was very successful as they could reflect together on their career goals, and learn from each other working experiences and expectations. The oral exercises allowed them to realise that they have a clear vision of which professional path they want to follow.

    Feedback from participant(s) or trainer:

    What’s the most important thing you have learned during the workshop?

    The main lesson learned during the session is how important it is to program exercises or dynamics, or to leave the space, in order that participants have the time to express their selves in relation with the topics of the session, as this will make it much more enriching and participants will be able to learn from each other experiences. Regarding the feedback from participants they have learned how important is to make a personal reflection on which is your ultimate career goal in order to know which steps you need to follow, or which skills you need to achieve to fulfil your professional dream. As mentioned before, all the participants where happy to realise through the reflection, that they have a clear vision about their professional path.