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Europass CV


Power Point presentation from the trainer, short video, exploring the website of Europass, practical exercise.

The main method used during this session was a Power Point presentation from the trainer with useful information about what is Europass CV, advantages and disadvantages, structure, trying to give an objective vision of this tool, which participants appreciate. In order to make the session more attractive for participants we showed also some short videos through Youtube about the Europass CV, that make the session more interactive. Another methodology used, taking advantage of the online session was that the trainer showed to the participants (sharing the screen in Zoom) the Europass website and all the steps that need to be followed in order to complete the CV, answering also different questions that participants had during this process. As most of the participants did not heard about the Europass before, this part of the session was very useful and helpful for them, due that afterwards they put it into practice, filling in their own Europass, most of them for the first time. They value a lot the guidance and tips from the trainer during this process, and that the European format of the CV is something tangible that they could use during their process of looking for a job in Spain.

    Feedback from participant(s) or trainer:

    What’s the most important thing you have learned during the workshop?

    One of the lessons learned is that when the session it’s about a topic like the Europass CV that can be more theoretical, it is very convenient and useful to combine different methods like presentations, short videos, “show how”, answering questions, and practical exercises, in order to make the session more interactive and attractive for participants, highlighting the importance of creating a CV that they could use afterwards in their professional life. On the other hand participants found very useful this session, because most of them, as they were coming from outside of Europe, they had never heard before about the Europass format of the CV, so they appreciate to get to know this tool.